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Group 1 may walk at a faster pace

Group 2 are intermediate walks between No 1 and No 3 walks

Group 3 walks are easier walks at a slower pace

12th September

1) -– ROGER WORTHINGTON'S GRAVE – Cars to Jumbles CP for 10.30 start. Affetside, Two Brooks, Boardman's via Valley, Edgworth, Turton Bottoms. Y.M. 8 miles. Gordon Hughes

2) – TURTON HEIGHTS – No 1 Blackburn bus and cars to Ciao Baby Restaurant, Blackburn Road for 10.30 start. Dimple Hall, Turton Heights, Stones Bank, Lower Whittaker, Longworth Clough, Critchley Fold. Y.R. 8 miles Mary Pickering & Sarah Ozanne

3) – HAIGH HALL – 575 interchange bus and cars to Vicarage Road CP, Blackrod for 10.30 start. Little Scotland, Abbey Farm, Arley Hall, Canal, Haigh Hall, Blackrod. 7 miles. Rita & Jean

19th September

1) – ROUND LOAF – 125 Preston bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet cars at Lever Park Ave at 10.05 to go to Rivington Hall Drive for 10.30 start. Rivington, Dean Brook, Alance Bridge, Lead Mines Clough, Round Loaf, White Coppice, Overflow Steps, Rivington. Y.R. 8.5 miles. Sarah Ozanne

2) – WHITTLESTONE HEAD – Cars to Turton Tower for 10.30 start. Clough House, Entwistle Reservoir, Edge Lane, Ramwells Farm, Whittlestone Head, Higher Aushaw, Wayoh Farm, Wayoh East, Chapeltown. 8 miles. Derek Jackson

3) – TURTON GOLF COURSE – 507 Harwood bus to Morrisons, Harwood for 10.30 start. Bradshaw Bottoms, Jumbles, Turton Tower, Golf Course, Last Drop, Ramwells Court, Grange Road, Bradshaw Cricket Ground, Morrisons CP. 6.5 miles. Frank Wall

26th September

1) – BENTLEY HALL – Cars to Ainsworth Recreation Ground for 10.30 start. Walshaw, Bolholt, Tottington, Old Kays, Bowstone Hill, Bentley Hall, Knowsley. Y.M. 8.5 miles. Cliff & Pat Allen

2) – BUNGALOW GROUNDS – 125 bus to Crown Hotel, Horwich.  Meet cars in Lever Park Ave for 10.30 start. Rivington School, Bungalow Grounds, Pigeon Tower, Rivington, Dean Brook, Overflow Steps, Street Drive, Fisherman's Walk, Dryfield Lane. 8 miles. Julia Watmough

3) – KIRKLEES TRAIL – (10.15) 480 Bury bus to St Anne's Church, Tottington.  Cars park in Royd Street, by the side of the churchyard for 10.30 start. Kirklees Trail to Burrs via the new Lottery Bridge, Summerseat Cricket Ground, Tower Farm, Tottington. 6 miles. Keith & Frances Sandeford

3rd October

1) – CATTERNAB – Cars to Belmont for 10.30 start.  Cars should park on the side streets at the back of the Belmont Bull Hotel. Hoarstones, Hordern Stoops, Catternab, The Pike, Spring Reservoir, Belmont. 8.5 miles. Sarah Ozanne.

2) – HOLE IN ONE – Meet at Batridge Road CP for 10.30 start. Clough Hse, Torra Barn, Turton Golf Club, (CH), Witton Weavers Way, Rotary Way, Turton Bottoms, Wayoh West. 8 miles. Gordon Hughes

3) – BRINSCALL – Meet at Moss Bank Park at 10.00 to transport passengers to Brinscall Baths for 10.30 start. Goyt, White Copppice, Tootals, Brinscall, Abbey Village, Pike Lowe, Brinscall. 7 miles. David Bagguley

10th October – MINI WEEK - KESWICK

17th October

1) – YARROW CIRCUILAR – 125 Preston bus to Wigan Lane, (Frederick's).  Cars to Duxbury Park CP (Golf Club) for 10.30 start. Heath Charnock, Anderton, Adlington, Coppull Hall Farm, Yarrow Valley. 8.5 miles. Graham Marland

2) – YARNSDALE – Cars to Barlow Institute for 10.30 start. Wayoh East, Edge Fold, Fox Hill, Yarnsdale, Entwistle, Turton Tower. Y.M. 8.5 miles. Peter Murray

3) – WORTHINGTON LAKES – 575 interchange bus and cars to St Katherine's church, Blackrod for 10.30 start. Blundell Lane, Blackrod Bottoms, Crawshaw Hall, Adlington, Arley and Worthington Lakes, Wigan Gold Club, Blackrod. 6 miles. Florence Wilkes

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The Countrywide Holiday Association, (C.H.A.) originally had many holiday centres located throughout the country. In the 1990’s the company ceased trading, however many of the Clubs that were formed have continued to use the name of the Association and have flourished by offering different activities to members.


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